Where to buy Ghibli Museum tickets (Tokyo)

In our third trip to Japan, we really wanted to visit the Ghibli Museum, we wished to go inside the Catbus (a temporary exhibition that was closed in May 2017), stand next to the 5 meters tall robot of Castle in the Sky and see all the other Ghibli wonders. Sadly, when we went online to buy the tickets, they were sold out 🙁 Since then, we have done a little bit of research and now we will share with you what we have found out.

Totoro, one of the best known characters of Ghibli

Buy Ghibli Museum tickets al Lawson online shop

You can buy the tickets at the Ghibli Museum official website, operated by Lawson. The sale of next month tickets begins every 10th of the month at 10:00 AM (Japan Standard Time), e.g. the tickets for June will be sold from May 10th. These tickets will be sold out in no time, you can’t wait to the next day if you want to be able to purchase some tickets (maybe you won’t be able to buy them a few hours after 10:00AM!).

Purchase Ghibli Museum tickets at JTB

Besides the official website, you cant find Ghibli’s Museum tickets at one of the JTB branches (for example, JTB USA, JTB Australia, JTB Singapore…) In those websites, the tickets are sold 4 months in advance (and they also are sold out very quickly!) so you can find tickets for the day you want to go to the museum at JTB first and at the official website three months later. It’s important to keep in mind that you have to check out JTB first!

Voyagin last minute tickets for Ghibli Museum

If you still haven’t been able to buy the tickets, you have one last chance: you can find last minute tickets to Ghibli Museum at Voyagin. They are pricey, we can’t deny it, but if you are a true Ghibli fan we are sure the experience at the Museum will make up for the money spent ^_^ Check their website as they sometimes offer seasonal sales.

These are, as far as we know, the three options you have in order to buy tickets to Ghibli Museum. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter if you know some other way and we will update this post.

Enjoy your visit to Ghibli Museum, we’ll hopefully visit it next time we travel to Japan 🙂

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