Tokyo Disneyland

Many people consider it’s a waste of precious time to go to an amusement park while you’re travelling so far from home but those who know me know that I love Disney and could help visiting Tokyo Disneyland. In addition, after our  previous rainy day in Tokyo (post in Spanish) we deserved a magical day ^ _ ^

Cinderella’s Castle with its beautiful lighting


➤ Once upon a time… ¡Tokyo Disneyland!

We got up early and headed to Tokyo Disneyland. To get we took the Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station; the train was already full of people with a lot of Disney Merchandising -as Mickey Mouse ears- so you know you’re on the right way lol. We decided to visit the Tokyo Disneyland because there was only time for one park and I wanted to see the castle ^_^, but right next door you can find DisneySea, which focuses more on characters related to water.

Nailing Mickey’s pose in front of Cinderella’s Castle (Tokyo Disneyland) :-p

We arrived to the big luxury hotel, typical of all Disney’s parks and walked through the entrance door to a world where, as its slogan says, dreams come true.

The park’s entrance

The truth is I had never seen so many long queues! In any attraction the queues were more than an hour long, it was a bit distressing, there was so many people that you couldn’t see the park ground. We used a couple of Fastpass tickets, but those soon are sold out and we couldn’t make the most of them.

Despite this we could enjoy a nice day! We started with the big attraction Star Tours-The Adventures Continue, a Star Wars 3D simulator I dare to say that is the best of the park. We continued along with the classic Space Mountain, although it is somewhat dated and Pere was somewhat disappointed

The attractions’ setting and atmosphere helped us to bear with the long queues

We strolled around the park taking pictures of all its decoration, it’s as enjoyable as the attractions themselves. Then we headed to Big Thunder Mountain, the typical wooden roller coaster that you can find in any amusement park. I think it was the longest queue I’ve done in my life, I was sick of it. We even had dinner there while we were waiting in line.

After it we found out the Halloween parade was about to began, so we stood there viewing the parade and singing Trick or treat, trick or treat! ^_^

One of the floats of the Halloween parade

I wanted to ride It’s Small World but unfortunately for me -and fortunately for Pere : p- was closed for maintenance, so we went to the Cinderella’s castle, the nerve center of the park. I couldn’t help to feel like if I were a fairytale princess while we were visiting it ^_^

The Glass Splipper fitted my foot perfectly :-p

After the visit to the castle we went to have an early dinner at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. I highly recommend this place, the decor is gorgeous, very good food and a good price being a park restaurant. Moreover, if you choose certain dessert, you can keep the cup where the dessert is served in which is very cute and heart-shaped. Our friends Dani and Eli recommended us this place and we want to thank them because it was really a great recommendation.

Inside the Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant
The cup we got at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall ^_^

It may seem that we didn’t ride many attractions. It’s actually true because all the queues were so huge! You have a long queue even to go to the bathroom -they even had some staff controlling bathroom queues and hurrying you up! Besides it’s hard to stroll around the park fast if you want to admire the decoration as you find lots and lots of people everywhere.

So our last attraction was the Monster Inc. one. In that ride you get a gun and you have to shoot to certain spots in order to catch light (as you all know, that’s the goal of the Monster Inc. company). Some sensors didn’t respond very well but in spite of it it was fun.

As a grand finale we enjoyed the Electrical parade, a parade of lighted floats. It was really beautiful! We were sitting in the dark, watching the illuminated figures, with great background music… it felt like time stopped and everything was happiness and love.

Electrical Parade, a great finale
The Genius’ float in the Electrical Parade

We stayed in the park until the closing time and then we went back to our hotel to rest and to get ready for our last day in Japan 🙁 (post in Spanish).