[USJ] FAQ – How to buy Universal Studios Japan online tickets

We have received some questions about our guide on how to buy USJ tickets in advance. These are our answers for the most common questions:

Q: When i was trying to access the experience time bar for the express time no time came out of the dropdown box. Does this mean that there are no available time slots already?

A: Did you use the Chrome browser? Was the translator enabled? If the translator is enabled when you have to select the time-slot, it doesn’t appear. So if the Chrome’s translator was on, try it turning the translator off before selecting the number of Express Passes you want to buy. You can turn the translator on again after you have selected the time-slot.

Q: I’ve bought an Express Pass, do I also need the Day Pass?

A: Yes, you need a Day Pass. The Day Pass grants you the entrance to the USJ Park, while the Express Pass allows you to access to the fast lane for some attractions.

Q: The QR codes that will be generated are already enough to enter the park? Or are there actual tickets that still needs to be delivered to us to be able to enter the park?

A: The Day Pass QR codes are enough to enter the park, the Express Pass QR codes are not. Although you can show your QR Our recommendation is to print them, at least the Day Passes.

Q: I’m having trouble typing my name in katakana phonetics. Any suggestions?

A: Sometimes Google Translator doesn’t work with a certain name/surname. If this is your case, you can try other tools like this translator. By the way, don’t worry too much with getting an accurate translation to katakana for your name or surname, nobody will check if it’s right 😉

Q: After I log in to the USJ account, where can I find the QR code?

A: We hope that this little guide will help you.

Q: Is there any way that I can reschedule my date of entry?

A: We wrote our guide basing it on our experience buying tickets for USJ online for our own trip. We never had to reschedule any ticket so we don’t know if it’s possible :-/ If you log into your USJ account, you can find your ticket purchase history, there you should find an option called “Changing the admission date” (use the chrome’s translator in order to find it). Afterwards, we cannot help you because we don’t have any ticket to reschedule so we cannot test how it works (if it’s possible to do it).

Q: Do I need a Japanese credit card?

A: You don’t need a Japanese credit card, we bought our tickets with a Spanish credit card and there wasn’t any problem.

Q: Do you know if Royal passes can be purchased and have a QR code or if they are physical tickets that have to be posted?

A: As far as we know, Royal Passes are physical tickets that need to be send to an address in Japan (maybe to your hotel o to your Airbnb host) so they can’t be purchased as QR codes. We haven’t tried to buy Royal Passes but this is what another reader of our blog told us..

Please feel free to share this FAQ if you find it useful.